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Poems written by Henrik Thorsøe



No one has told me there´s a hair on my nose.

I have a mirrow but I never go close.

How many days perhaps months perhaps years ?

Hair on my nose !  Need to check out my ears !



Some call it football and some call it soccer.

It´all about being the best motherfucker.

But one thing I really don´t get - not a bit !

Why those motherfuckers they all need to spit !?



I wake up to a bright new day.

The sun is up and busy.

My bed says: "No, don't leave, just stay

you're sleepy and you're dizzy."

My stomack says: " Hello, it's late

I need some morning action.

I need my coffee, bread, can't wait

I need my satisfaction."

My eyes say: "No, the sun is strong

so back to closed position.

We need a break, we know it's wrong.

It is a big decision."

My ears can't have this morning talk

and say: "Keep voices lower.

You wake up feet, they want to walk

and then the peace is over."



A walk in the park
It is good for my mind
I walk and I walk
But no peace on my mind
Too many people around
And I think in this case
Will I ever find peace?
Maybe at the car parking place?